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Why Choose Us?

If a windshield repairman attacks your car with one of these, stall him until we get there!

Removing an old windshield with a cheap utility knife cuts through the vehicle’s protective paint, starting a nasty rust-and-leak problem that will haunt you for years!If you get furious at people who ding car doors in parking lots, how about somebody who hacks through a vehicle’s paint with a knife-on purpose!

Yet, if installers use utility knives to remove old windshields, they can do more damage than you can imagine.

Improper removal—the start of costly and long-term problems
In a rush to see how many windshields it can do it a day, a thoughtless repair service
can take some costly shortcuts. For example, instead of a Urethane

Cutout Tool specially designed to remove old moldings and adhesives without damaging the painted surface, they might slice away with a utility knife, setting up big-time rust and leak problems.

Also beware of cheap components that compromise safety
Further, since auto glass replacement is fiercely competitive there’s always the temptation to cheat on other things, too. For example, an installer can use wind- shields inferior to those originally installed. Not only are these cheap replacements brittle and prone to delamination but they can distort your vision, too.

To make matters worse, an installer who settles

for flimsy windshields might also use inferior adhesives. This compounds the problem
Michigan State Law says that you have the right to choose your windshield repair service!
because car makers expect windows to contribute up to 40% of passenger compartment strength. When cheap materials are used, this safety factor is compromised.

At Safety Auto Glass, we do the job right— guaranteed!
We spend a lot of time training our technicians. And, frankly, we prefer to hire people with no prior windshield installation experience so we don’t have to overcome bad habits. Further, our technicians are compensated on the quality of their work, not how

fast they work. As finicky as we are about installation, you can understand why we use only the best State Law says windshields that you have the and the same high quality European adhesives used by top quality manufacturers.

Safety Auto Glass...all you need to remember to get it done right
There’s more to the story, but you get the idea: “cheap” is not the answer. If you want the job done right, call Safety Auto Glass. We have service trucks awaiting your call.
And, as you might expect, each is manned by a technician who knows how to do the job right!